Youth of the Apocalypse

The Last True Rebellion.


“This generation of youth is dying inside. As God dies in the modern heart so do our children.”


About the Book

Youth of the Apocalypse is a manifesto for the despairing children of the eleventh hour. This book deals with the issues that are tearing apart the fabric of innocence: suicide, insanity, addiction, violence, technology and the broken home. The authors take the reader through the wasteland and hell that modern life is, traversing suffering, cricifixion and end with ressurrection.  It offers a painfully honest appraisal of society form the perspective of the young who are hurt and in despair, and shows how many of their rebelious values become much more meaningful when viewed in the context of authentic Christianity -- particularly within Orthodox monasticism.


The Story

Youth of the Apocalypse was written by Justin Marler and Andrew Wermuth, while the two were living in an Eastern Orthodox monastery on a remote island in Alaska. It all started when Marler set out to write an article about how nihilism and relativism was destroying the soul of the younger generation.

Justin and Andrew were living a monastic life in Monks Lagoon on Spruce Island, but their background was steeped in urban counter-culture, with all its perils and pursuits. During their everyday life on the remote island the two discussed the plight of the youth and ways to build a bridge of support. Andrew began contributing to the effort and the article quickly grew into a book. They wrote by candlelight in a small cabin, a stone’s throw from the ocean, far from the tumult of urban life. In the silence of the monastery the authors confronted issues the younger generation are faced with such as drug addition, sexual exploitation, the occult, narcissism, empty distractions, the cult of celebrity, and even the devil himself. The solution Justin and Andrew proposed was spiritual awakening, self-mastery, and communion with God, as set forth through ancient Orthodox Christianity.

The first edition was published by St. Herman Press in 1995 and was widely distributed though unconventional means. Letters poured in from young people from all over the US and other countries. From the outset the book struck a deep chord with people in search of meaning, purpose and ancient Eastern Orthodoxy.

YOTA has been out of print for over a decade making it nearly impossible to find a copy. Because so much has changed in the world since the book was initially written in the 90s, the manuscript needed updating. Youth of the Apocalypse may see print again in 2017.