Youth of the Apocalypse

“A critique on modern philosophy and an introduction to the alternative.”


Good Reads

Commonly called "Punks to Monks" as this book started a movement of punks into the Eastern Orthodox Church. A critique on modern philosophy and an introduction to the alternative.


The book is certainly a blessing, and pulls no punches when discussing how the world today has become a spiritual warzone, where the three Children of Nihilism (Sex, Drugs and Violence) have become encouraged as a norm for those seeking escapism from the world.

Good Reads

When I first read this book back in the spring of 2008, it was pretty clear to me that its authors hadn't been professional writers. There is, however, a moving conviction and passion to their work. I appreciate the fact that they don't sugar-coat their evaluation of contemporary life, and I'm inclined to think that this perspective is more accurate than we'd like to believe. It's a shame that this book has run out of print, though I'm sure that it's available through some seller on the internet. It's worth the time and cash.


I recently read the popular Buddhist memoir "Dharma Punx" by Noah Levine. While it was, in many ways, enjoyable, it did not attain the depth of "Youth of the Apocalypse," which preceded it by several years. In fact, as I read Dharma Punx I began to suspect that Levine got his book idea from Youth of the Apocalypse.