Youth of the Apocalypse

“This generation of youth, which could very well be the last generation....”


... is shackled in despair to this cry because they see all too well, that this broken world is coming to an end. And no one has told them the truth that in the apocalypse God will wipe every tear from their eyes. But they have been taught by violence that this eternal truth is "relative."

         Alone, imprisoned in this world, we are brainwashed into believing that "there is no absolute truth," and that there is "no answer to the question: Why?" After spending our childhood in such a cold prison, it's no wonder that in our youth we seek death. When there is no answer to the question "Why?" the only freedom seems to be suicide. When there is no truth in a world of falsehood; when there is no beauty in an ugly world; when there is no love in a world of violence and hate; when there is no God in a faithless world, it's no wonder that in every room, on every street, in every city, the weeping of the young can be heard. This is why youthful rebellion is born and justified.

         This breaking down of our world is due to one philosophy, one mission that has been victorious over man's freedom of thought since time began–Nihilism. It is the belief that "there is no truth." It is like a heartless and gutless machine that presses on, giving birth to destruction, sorrow, pain, and death. It chooses the young for it's victims, for it is easy to scar the innocence of youth.

         It is this machine that controls the spirit of these times and tells us that there is no answer to the question "Why?"–and therefore no reason to live at all. It is this machine of apostasy that has given birth to the youth of today. We are her children; we are the children of Nihilism; we are the youth of the apocalypse.

         Now we are left with a generation that is dying off due to suicide–the Last Genocide. This Genocide can only be stopped by Truth. In order to embrace this Truth we must die to this world and be resurrected. This is the unshackling. This is the Last True Rebellion.

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